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Welcome to Winic Hack-fix Page

Please Read Below and Download the Necessary Files
How to Change the HACK message on Dahua DVR The system are hacked because of the common user name “admin” and password “admin” with the combination of using the default ports: 37777 , 37778 and 80 Please follow the instruction to get rid of the hacked message and prevent further issues
Step 1: Default the color condition on every channel of the DVR Step 2: Default the Camera name Step 3: Change the default password for the “admin” user Lastly step 4: Change the default ports for TCP, UDP and HTTP port (ex: 47777, 47778 and 81) Please redo the port forwarding for your dvr system and reprogram the app and cms programs to connect to the correct port.

To further support our customers we have implemented a cyber security hotline to address any concerns or questions at 877-609-1936 For more information on new Cybersecurity Initiatives from Dahua, visit