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New product

4-Port 10/100/1000M PoE Splitter and Repeater

This 4-port10/100/1 0O0M Desktop PoE repeater Ethernet switch provides an easier installation
way for PoE devices, such as IP cameras, wireless AP, Vol P. It supports 4 10/100/1 O0OMbps
PSE(Power Source Equipment) ports and 1 10/100/1 0O0Mbps PD(Power Devices) ports.
There is no need to use the power adapter, as this PoE switch can work through receiving power
other PoE switch or equipment by PD port, and the PSE ports can supply the power to the other
PD devices like PoE IP cameras, wireless AP, VoIP. The max transmission distance is 100
meters with Cat5 cables.
Plug & play design make the installation quite easy, users do not need any configuration, which
make this PoE switch a very good choice for IP cameras, wireless AP, VoIP users.

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